Tips to Help you Get a Good Deal When Buying a Car

car-buyingA lot of my family and friends have bought a car recently – myself included. We have been lucky to have prevented any major plays with the dealers or private sellers. But many auto buyers aren’t so unlucky. With no eagle eye of a customer, this may have gone overlooked.

Consumer complaints services often hear from members who have ran into difficulties with motor vehicle dealers asserting that in case a customer did not purchase the extra warranty, they are with any issues that might appear out of luck.

So you understand what to search for when purchasing a car we have developed a helpful guide.

Do the tough yards before you hit the car garages and understand what you should be checking for and your rights. We’ve five measures you should work through:

1. General review – use our auto review checklist that can be found on the AA website. The automobile should take a nicely-lit place, dry and clean, so you do not miss flaws.

2. Test drive – contain some driving at open road speeds and take it for a drive for about 30 minutes, and a few hill work for assessing brakes and equipment.

3. Mechanical review – if you pay your own machinist or a specialist review service, they are required to do the occupation to a fair standard. A pre-purchase review will cost up to £100 to spend within the overall price of a vehicle.

Whatever work get it, the dealer consents to do or pay anything a deposit.

4. Finance – dealer finance can be higher priced when compared to a bank. You should consider expanding your mortgage if you are a home owner. With any loan offer, assess the overall price of credit over the duration of the loan, repayment amounts and enough time to refund. All lenders must supply you with these records. If the deal is interest-free, check that the asking price has not been inflated and for additional fees.

5. Paperwork – there is lots of documentation you should not overlook; warrant of fitness, certification of enrollment, owed debts, deal arrangement, change of possession.

With a bit of due diligence you can dramatically decrease the chances of buying what’s known in the motor trade as a ‘lemon’. Armed with a small amount of knowledge about cars and your rights you can proceed with any purchase of a used car with confidence.


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